How to Earn an Immigration Consultant Salary

Dr Gregory Finkelson

February 9, 2023

How to Earn an Immigration Consultant Salary

An immigration consultant helps immigrants secure the necessary documents to relocate to a new country. Their duties include interviewing clients and advising them on the country’s visa and work permit requirements.

They also prepare oral and written submissions to government agencies and advocate on behalf of their clients. Their salary depends on their employer, years of experience and area of specialization.

The Job

Immigration consultants help people with their migration plans, helping them to obtain work, travel, or student visa. They are also responsible for educating clients about the different programs and laws that govern immigration.

The duties of an immigration consultant include the following:

  • Interviewing.
  • Preparing oral and written submissions.
  • Advocating on behalf of a client before government agencies.
  • Researching the requirements for each visa type.

They also assess their client’s chances of being approved for a visa and determine which country is best for them based on their profile.

Strong communication skills are essential for this job, as immigration consultants often communicate with clients worldwide. They also need good writing and research skills to provide detailed advice.

Immigration consultants need to remain abreast of changes in immigration laws and policies to keep their client’s interests in mind. This can be accomplished through continuing education or participating in employer-sponsored training programs.


Immigration consultants help people navigate the process of gaining legal status in Canada. They also advocate on their client’s behalf before government agencies.

These professionals typically work for law firms or government agencies but can also operate their consulting businesses. In either case, they may be compensated on a fee or commission-based income.

An RCIC’s salary can vary depending on their employer, years of experience and area of specialization. However, RCICs who work for large firms tend to receive higher salaries than those who work independently.

The average pay for an immigration consultant is $90,737 per year. This figure represents base salary plus bonus, profit sharing, tips, commissions and other forms of cash compensation.

Education Requirements

If you have a bachelor’s degree and special skills in the field of immigration, you can earn a high-paying salary as an immigration consultant. These specialists can earn up to $44,000 annually and advance to a senior-level specialists.

Immigration consultants typically work for law firms, government agencies and private companies that deal with immigration cases. They can also become independent practitioners and charge their consulting fees.

As an immigration specialist, you must be well-versed in the latest laws and policies affecting immigration and naturalization. This includes knowing how to process work visas and green card applications in your country.

Several schools offer training programs on the immigration and naturalization processes in your country. These programs can help you understand the complexities of immigration laws and policy and how to apply them to your client’s case.

Working Conditions

As an immigration consultant, you will assist clients in filling out and completing forms, answering questions about the immigration process, and providing translation services when required. In some countries, you may even represent your client in court.

In other words, this is a very busy field that pays well and has excellent working conditions. A typical consultant works a 40-hour week. Some consult for several clients simultaneously, while others operate a full-service firm with staff members in different departments.

Among the most important aspects of a job as an immigration consultant is your ability to communicate with a wide range of people. To do so, you will need to be bilingual. Luckily, Immigration and Citizenship Canada (ICCRC) offers an extensive bilingual training course, including a multi-lingual test in either English or French. The ICCRC also offers a certificate of proficiency in one of these languages, which can be worth its weight in gold in the immigration consultant career arena.