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Dr. Gregory Finkelson is an internationally acclaimed and prominent corporate management service provider for foreign companies considering expanding into the U.S. domestic market. Entering an entirely new market that is located in another nation is never an easy thing to do.

Finkelson is American Corporate Services's president, guiding light, and business leader. American Corporate Services was founded in 2001 to prepare foreign-owned entities for the big move into the U.S. market.

American Corporate Services is headquartered in San Francisco and has branch offices in Oregon, Nevada, and Delaware. It also has offices in Eastern Europe. Finkelson and his company provide consulting services that enable the relatively smooth transition from a foreign business entity to a domestically based company in the United States.

Finkelson is fluent in Russian as well as English. So is everyone else at American Corporate Services. Their bilingual nature enables Finkelson and his team to deliver exceptional services for their many global clients.

Dr. Finkelson has a doctorate in business administration from KW University and a master's in engineering from Moscow State University in Russia. His professional experience includes:

  • President of Modern Technologies Company from 1994 to 2000
  • Vice President of Business Management International Holding Corporation from 1991 to 2001
  • President of American Green Card Center

Dr. Finkelson authored the book: How to Find Chinese Investors, Agents & Clients for Your EB-5 Projects & Services. The book is just one way in which Gregory utilizes his extensive international business experience to help educate USA-based entities on how to find Chinese clients for their EB-5-approved projects successfully.

Dr. Gregory Finkelson is an expert in helping foreign entities and their founders and partners to obtain business entry into the United States via the Visa process. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) oversees the issuance of business visas, including EB-5 visas for investors.

USCIS also issues O-1 and EB-1A visas for people with extraordinary abilities – including business founders and entrepreneurs. Dr. Finkelson is an expert at helping business leaders transition to the United States market and succeed. That success often includes using the O-1 and EB-1A visa process to enable the hiring of the very best talent.

Dr. Finkelson helps Chinese clients to understand the EB-5 visa investment process and how it could help them to transition to the United States. The process requires due diligence to ensure all successful elements of an EB-5 visa application are provided. A properly filed visa application requires supporting evidence that helps to ensure the applicant is a qualified visa candidate.

Dr. Finkelson also helps business entities and their owners and managers better understand the business culture and visa process for transitioning to the United States. Culture is a big part of the transition when doing business in another nation. It is very easy to offend or confuse those in another nation and culture unintentionally, and Finkelson does his best to help his clients avoid such problems.

Dr. Finkelson's consulting services help clients better understand the significant transition they intend to achieve by undertaking business interests in the United States. Finkelson helps clients to consider how to:

  • Remotely create and manage a company in the United States
  • Open bank accounts while in another nation
  • Legally reduce business taxes
  • Abide by corporate and intellectual property laws in the United States
  • Obtain the correct visa for founders, employees, and families

Finkelson helps business leaders and corporate entities to fully assess the process of establishing business interests in the United States. With his help, they can avoid unexpected and unpleasant surprises that might handicap efforts to undertake business in a new nation successfully.

Dr. Gregory Finkelson often demonstrates his expertise in immigration matters as co-chair of the Business Immigration Committee for the China Silicon Valley in Northern California.

Finkelson's extensive experience enables him to thoroughly guide business leaders and entrepreneurs with the multiple aspects of seeking business permits, federal visa approval, and setting the groundwork for financial capability. A business entity needs capital to become established and grow into a successful endeavour. It also needs to know the tax landscape and fully understand the financial liabilities of doing business in the United States.

Dr. Finkelson excels at assisting individuals and businesses in China with navigating the EB-5 visa process. Chinese investors, in particular, often qualify for EB-5 visas and can help fulfil various duties for a Chinese American business venture.

Finkelson continually educates clients and provides consulting services and guidance that help to lay the groundwork for successful business endeavours for foreign entities. The United States has a lot of qualified workers. Still, many businesses find it beneficial to hire others from nations like China, where the quality of STEM education is very high. Dr. Finkelson's consultation helps many entities to fulfil their staffing needs while paving the way for success.


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