Dr. Gregory Finkelson Explains the Importance of Global Social Entrepreneurship

Dr Gregory Finkelson

September 6, 2021

Dr. Gregory Finkelson Explains the Importance of Global Entrepreneurship

Dr. Gregory Finkelson explains the importance of global social entrepreneurship

Do you want your business to be part of a global solution to social problems? Dr. Gregory Finkelson explains how you can use social entrepreneurship to be part of the worldwide impact.

Social entrepreneurship is slowly becoming a critical element in the global discussion, as the world focuses on solving some of the world’s most significant problems. With the advancement of technology and innovations, social entrepreneurs can create and drive an impact that will improve lives, including the environment we live in. According to Dr. Gregory Finkelson, a business expert and social entrepreneurship enthusiast, social entrepreneurs are not only focused on making profits but also on bringing meaningful change to the world.  If you are planning to follow the path of social entrepreneurship, here are a few ways you can be beneficial to society.

Social entrepreneurs are the changemakers

At a time when the world is facing all kinds of problems from poverty and unemployment, pollution, high crime rates, and drug abuse, we are in desperate need of fundamental transformation of social, economic, and cultural arrangements. Dr. Gregory Finkelson notes that we have the right technology level, but it is not adequate to solve most societal problems, and that’s where social entrepreneurs come in. Apart from selling quality services or products, social entrepreneurs have a critical role in providing solutions through what they sell. They can use their products or services to promote peace, kindness, and good health.

They’re critical thinkers.

Social entrepreneurs have to go the extra mile to creatively come up with ideas that will change the world.  Sometimes they have to go back to the drawing board and gain more knowledge to create services and products that will solve the main problems facing the world. Entrepreneurs are some of the most innovative people in the world that hold the key to social transportation and development. If you were to ask Dr. Gregory Finkelson, the world would be in a better state if we supported our social entrepreneurs both financially and mentally.

Social entrepreneurs offer transformation, growth, and development

According to Dr. Gregory Finkelson, there is a need for schools to include social entrepreneurship as a course. Organizations today have realized the importance of empowering entrepreneurs by providing materials, tools, information, and lessons to grow their skills. Other entrepreneurs have come together and formed non-profit organizations to help solve most global challenges like poverty and unemployment.

They help bring the world together.

Social entrepreneurs have the ability to connect people, including customers and retailers, in social and economic networks. Today, more people are buying or selling products and services on social media platforms where they connect virtually and build social relations. When people come together, whether buying or selling, sharing information and resources among communities is made easier, which can be empowering and beneficial to the affected groups. For instance, the international humanitarian initiatives being formed across different countries help create networking opportunities that help the participating countries connect economically and socially.